Project templates to save you time

Project templates make your regular workflows and processes easier and worry-free. Perhaps you've got a standard process when a new customer gets signed up, or a list of tasks every time you run a new event?

That's why we've built Project Templates - making it quick and easy to run your organization's processes.

You can copy and re-use project templates as many times as you like. No need to worry about missing steps, or re-creating processes from scratch!

Announcing: Projects

We know how important it is to get a quick overview of progress, and see related tasks together. That's why we've built Projects.

Projects work directly with your existing Slack team, and allow you to group related tasks together. For example, you could have a project for a new product launch, a customer, or a job.

When you open a project, you can see all of the tasks together - whether they're complete or not. So you always know exactly how far you've come, and how much you've got left to do.

More human-friendly notifications

Over the coming few days, you might notice some simplified and streamlined notifications. These aim to help you and your team be more effective, and focus on the most important work.

Busybot is rolling out improvements to the main notifications - both morning reports, and individual task notifications. These will look more simple, more friendly, and focus on the things that are important.

In general, things should work the same way as before. If there is something that you're having trouble finding, try clicking the More button, or the Show task details button.

Happy tasking!

Assign tasks to a whole channel!

You can now assign tasks for many people to complete all at once!

Busybot gives you three new advanced options for assigning tasks:

  • Assign a task to everybody in a channel
  • Ask every assignee to complete a task individually (Busybot will let you know which people have completed the task, and which people haven't)
  • OR, say that any single assignee can complete the task

You can access these new options from the Slack assignees menu, or the assignees menu in the Busybot app

Assigning tasks to everyone in a Slack channel

Busybot makes it super-easy to give everybody in a Slack channel the same task. Here's how:

  • Type /busybot (task name) @channel and Busybot will automatically create the task, assigning it to everyone in the channel
  • or, for any task that's already in a channel, just click the assignee button in the Busybot app, and choose "Advanced"

Multiple Assignees

For any task with multiple assignees, you can easily switch between the two modes - Any one assignee can complete the task or Every assignee must complete the task individually . This option is available in the Assignee section in Slack, or the Busybot app.

Happy tasking!

Discover your emoji heroes

Due to popular demand, Busybot has introduced a super-secret reaction emoji leaderboard.

See who on your team has been most productive in using reaction emoji, with the /busybot leaderboard command

There are three emoji leaderboard commands:

  • /busybot leaderboard gives you a quick leaderboard of who used the most reaction emoji in the past month
  • /busybot leaderboard :beers: zooms in on the :beers: emoji, (or any other emoji you choose)
  • /busybot leaderboard 100 goes back 100 days (the default is just the past month)

Minor improvements

Under the hood, Busybot has a number of small improvements and fixes, including:

  • It's possible to rearrange labels on a team to be any order you like (just pop into the label settings, and use the mouse to click-and-drag them in any order)
  • You can now search for multi-word labels that have the same first word
  • If you have a favorite number, 0-9, you can rearrange labels so that key corresponds to the right label!
  • Fixed a bug where task subscribers weren't notified about completed checklist items
  • Fixed a bug with /busybot rename command
  • Converted to using encoded Slash commands, to make /busybot slightly more robust
  • Added the new ~list function to work with /busybot command, so you can now add tasks to task lists directly from Slack!

Reusable Template Checklists

Busybot lets you quickly re-use standard checklists, and apply them to any task in a click!

You might have a standard procedure for signing up a new customer, or onboarding a staff member, or releasing a new product version. With Busybot, you can do any of these things in an instant, with the new checklist templates feature.

Keyboard Shortcuts

To help you speed up your workflow, Busybot has some new super-time-saving Hotkeys.

Our favourite is CMD+K (Mac) / CTRL+K (Windows) which gives you a quick way to jump to another task list

You can see the keyboard shortcuts at any time, by pressing CTRL+/ (Windows) or CMD+/ (Mac)

Filter tasks based on their labels

Ever wish there was a way you could view just your important tasks, or just those things marked URGENT or Strategic Priorities?

Well now you can!

Every view in the Busybot app now supports grouping tasks by label. You can use this to zoom in, and focus on just things that are important right now.

To group tasks by label, select the "Group by Label" option in the top-right sort menu

Sort tasks by last updated

Want to know what's changed in your task lists recently?

Great news! You can now sort tasks by last updated - for any person in your team, channel, or even all tasks across the team. To access this feature, click the sort menu at the top right of any task list.

This lets you keep a close eye on what's happening, and know just when things have been updated.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Busybot will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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